Offer financing to your clients for your high-ticket service or coaching.


✨ Increase your ‘pay in full’ clients with a system we implement in just 90 minutes.

✨ Transition from juggling payment plans and inconsistent cash flow to receiving 100% of your product’s value upfront.

✨ Make your programs more affordable without needing to lower your standards or prices.

✨ Say goodbye to the stress of low cash flow despite making consistent high-ticket sales.

What you need to know…

Your product must be a minimum of $5000AUD to be eligible.

Please watch this video before proceeding to the next step.

“In 2023 alone we supported 4 of the Coaches we partnered with breakthrough 7 figures cash received, and over 10 to go from 6 figures to Multiple 6 figures cash received. We’re not just offering a service – we’re delivering a transformation through ethical lending.”

Kelly Bowen
Director of Lifestyle Finance Aus

Here’s what some of our Business Partners have to say about using Finance for their customers.

“When I first started my coaching business, 90% of my clients opted for payment plans, while only 10% paid upfront. I could have a $100,000 sales month, but only $15,000 to $20,000 would actually come in. Cash flow was always a bit bumpy in the early stages, as there was so much to build and do. I knew that anything I could do to increase cash flow would make the journey easier.

Everything changed when we discovered Kelly’s financiers who could finance coaching packages. Within a couple of months, this made so much more cash flow available. At the time, I was doing promotional tours around Australia, and this enabled me to have $100K+ cash months instead of just sales months. I could then invest more into my team, infrastructure, and my own traveling and missions.

It was like night and day – a true quantum jump moment. If you want to experience a quantum leap in your business, finding a way to improve your cash flow is definitely one of those game-changing decisions.”

Gaby Kowalski

Founder of The Oneness Foundation and GK Global

Set Up Costs

There is a one off $1,111AUD MEMBERSHIP fee (payment plan available) to get you finance set up and fully integrated into your business.

$50 from every Onboard will be donated to your choice of charity between Forever Friends Animal Rescue, or Destiny Rescue who exist to rescue kids from human trafficking and sexual exploitation and help them stay free.

The $1,111AUD covers / includes:

  • Membership to The Heaven Within Foundation
  • A Personal Onboarding Zoom Call (this is roughly 90-120min and is recorded & given to you as a training resource) At the end of this call, you will be 100% ready to start sending through clients with confidence.
  • 1x Sales Call Refinement where we go through your sales call/pcrocess with you in depth and help you refine the finace offer in real time, so you have the highest conversions possible.
  • Lifetime ongoing support from us to ensure this is working smoothly & efficiently in your business
  • An assigned Personal Account Manager, so you know your clients deal with the same person every time and have a consistent experience
  • Welcome Letter & Pricing Charts
  • Deal Flow Chart (this puts everything is to a simple step – by – step process to make things seamless)
  • Template to create a personalised Retarget Offer to clients who said no
  • Template to create introduce finance to your platform/following
  • Template to create a Transfer to Finance Campaign for clients on payment plans that with outstanding balances of $5k+ with supporting video for the client to watch
  • Supporting Marketing Materials
  • Contract Template for clients (incase you don’t already have one in place)
  • Invoice Template (incase you don’t already have one in place)
  • Automated Lead Qualification & Client Referral Template
  • 2 x Additional Support Training videos
  • 1 x Client Video to help them understand the benefits of using finance to Fund personal development programs
  • Personalised Sales Script & workshopping (we personalise this on the onboarding call)
  • My personal availability to speak on your platform to introduce finance as a intelligent way to invest in growth and professional development
  • And you instantly become a member of my Business Partner Referral Program, which means, I’ll pay you $100 for every Business Referral Partner you refer, who signs up and becomes a Business Partner like yourself

If you need to create your Premium Offering of $5k+ CLICK HERE