Welcome To The Heaven Within Foundation


At the core of the Heaven Within Foundation lies the intention to anchor abundance as the birthright of every human on this planet. Our mission is to raise the frequency of money, purifying it with the intention of restoring it to its organic state of abundance, expansion, play, and joy. By releasing this purified energy into the hearts of new earth business builders, we aim to support the creation of a world where love, fun, and purpose reign supreme. 


The foundation’s projects, including the Lifestyle Finance Show, Inspired Conversations, Abundance Initiations, and Personal Mentorship with Kelly, are all designed to educate, empower, and uplift our members on their journey to abundance. Through interviews, workshops, trainings, and mentorship sessions, we provide practical tools and strategies for members to transform their relationship with money and abundance, transcending to higher dimensions of consciousness. 


Our purpose extends beyond personal enrichment. It is also about contributing to the collective elevation of humanity. That’s why every member who participates in our Abundance Initiations contributes to our charitable causes, supporting organizations like Destiny Rescue and Forever Friends, dedicated to rescuing children from trafficking and animals from mistreatment. 


Driven by a passion for co-creation, generosity, integrity, mastery, humility, and accessibility, our foundation seeks to normalize abundance, making it accessible to all. We envision a world where coaches are paid in full, education is readily available, and humans thrive in a natural state of abundance. Through our efforts, we aim to catalyze a shift towards a new currency of exchange—one rooted in love, compassion, and abundance for all.